Intune: Removing Company Data from an Android Device

What does it look like when you remove company data from an Android for Work device, from the perspective of an Intune admin?

  1. Find the device. Confirm that the device you are looking at is the right one. You can filter by IMEI.
  2. Click the device.
  3. Click Remove Company Data.
  4. Confirm. Click Yes.
  5. You will see a confirmation.
  6. Within one minute or so you should the Android for Work container will get deleted from the target device.
  7. The device will get automatically deleted from Intune.

Intune: Apple App Store issues?

If you go into Azure you may see that all Apple App Store icons are showing as blank. What’s going on here? Well, it looks like Intune is not the only one affected. Other MDM solutions are having issues with Apple App Store links, either completely breaking or affected in some way. Apple just released iOS 11.4 yesterday, so it’s possible that they did some backend change as well. We’ll find out soon enough!