Gmail Backup from the Google Takeout service

It’s weird how much of my life is digital. My entire life’s worth of accomplishments can be measured in 0s and 1s. That’s what went through my mind today when I backed up my entire Google mail account. I did it because I read an article recently that Google was deleting old accounts: Reading stuff like that makes me naturally paranoid. I’m the type of person who has everything archived since high school. I literally have book reports from high school I can bring up from my personal archives if I ever need to. At home I have about 6TB worth of hard drives that mostly store videos, but a good chunk has been used to archive my personal data as well. I even went a step forward and subscribed to the Google Drive program so that I could store my essentials in the cloud.

Since Google is getting money from me I doubt they will actually delete my account. But just in case that happens, going through the backup process is pretty easy. Google has a service called “Takeout” that lets you download all of your Google data onto a local drive: Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the takeout URL above
  2. Choose which Google services you want to back up
  3. You will eventually get an email (couple hours to a couple days) that will allow you to download an entire archive of your data. This download link will only last a couple days
  4. That’s it!

I have my entire google mail archive stored in 4GB .mbox file. This is my first time dealing with this kind of file, but it looks to be a standard. When I have time I’ll actually open it up and verify that there are no issues. Nothing worse than having a backup solution that doesn’t work when you need it to.

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