App Wrapping: Afaria vs Mobile Secure

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Let’s compare the app wrapping capabilities of Mobile Secure, the cloud-hosted EMM solution by SAP, and Afaria, the on-premise version of the same thing. If you don’t know what app wrapping is, feel free to check out my previous blog post on the topic.


Mobile Secure

What can Mobile Secure do in regards to wrapping apps? Well, SAP announced during their 2016 Sapphire Now conference that they were partnering with AppDome to provide enterprise app security. And indeed, if you go into the Mobile Secure console you’ll be able to see that you can, by default, choose to wrap your app via AppDome.



Once you use AppDome to wrap your app source file with the Mobile Secure SDK, then it can be managed with Mobile Secure policies. You can upload your newly-wrapped app into Mobile Secure and create configurations to go along with it:




Afaria has no native app-wrapping capability. When it comes to MAM the only app management that is possible really is the custom app deployment solution, which they call their Afaria custom client. You can also use their own native Afaria solution but it will not have as many features.

As a workaround you may be able to use third party solutions to wrap an application file, and then deploy the application file from the Afaria MDM solution. But this type of MAM capability is not available from Afaria itself.

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