New Ideas and New Domains


Wouldn’t it be awesome to think of a great idea, make something out of it, and then get rich? It’s a common dream among most of the people my age right now. There’s just something definitively exciting about creating something, having it wanted by many other people, and then making a lot of money. Of course, it’s never that easy.

I always think it’s kind of funny when people are semi-serious about “making it big” because of “some idea” that they have. Why waste time and energy with talk? If you want to do something, do it. If not, you’re just daydreaming. Take the time to do the research, gauge how much energy you have for the project, and then dive in. Anything less is just a waste of everybody’s time.

Pointing a Domain to a Separate Nameserver

Which brings me to something that I wanted to make a note of today. I registered a domain name ( today. I forgot how cheap it is to do that! I paid like $10 for an entire year. For the price of an expensive hamburger, it’s not too bad for taking the first step to reserve an idea.

After ponying up the cash I had a domain but nothing behind it. Turns out that pointing a new domain to existing webspace is pretty easy. I already have a web host, so I just had to configure the domain to point to my existing nameserver.

  1. For your new domain, find a way to “Transfer DNS to Webhost.” This makes it so that your webhost can manage all the DNS pointers in regards to your domain.
  2. On your webhost, assign a domain name pointer to point to a directory in your file structure.

And that’s it! Super easy.

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