What did I do in February 2016?

One of the things my boss asked me to do recently was summarize what I did for the whole month. Sometimes I hate doing this, sometimes I love it. This time wasn’t too bad. We successfully implemented a security change/project! We had it planned for a long time, and had to delay last week to an unforeseen issue, but hey we went live yesterday!

I worked with the e-mail team to make sure that the mobile devices  enrolled into the corporate environment were granted access. This itself was no big deal; we already had been doing this for years. What was new was that we implemented some security features on my application (mobile device management) and the Exchange application to block all non-compliant devices (from using email).

You would think blocking non-compliant devices from using email would be a simple checkbox, but it really isn’t. We had to answer and work on these issues:

  • What devices are considered non-compliant?
  • How would we enforce policy on non-compliant devices?
  • How are the applications able to tell the different between the two?
  • Are we able to implement exceptions for VIPs?
  • For users complaining about their non-compliant devices being blocked, what can we do to alleviate their concerns?

All in all I’m glad that I was able to be utilized for the customer and that they were happy with the work. This security feature was planned for over a year and a half! We weren’t able to implement earlier due to red tape, catastrophic issues, and unpredictable external factors. It’s good to finally complete something.

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