What is the Appleseed program?

Apple has a new program called the AppleSeed program. It’s actually publicly available already, but you won’t be able to see much unless you have been provided credentials. It is an invite-only program that seems to be only for Apple enterprise partners and customers. It is different than the Apple Development Portal and the Apple Beta Software Program.

I recently got invited to the program to test out some new features that are coming out. The very first thing that they make you do is sign a confidentiality agreement, so I won’t be giving out any details here. But the purpose of this portal is very interesting: Apple wants feedback and recommendations from its customers.

Apple has historically but known to ignore feedback and requests for improvement from customers. Even if you pay $25,000 for their enterprise support, it usually ends up being not useful from a technical standpoint (but very useful from a CYA standpoint). Hopefully this is an earnest attempt from Apple to improve its relationship with its enterprise customers. It is definitely an interesting first step!

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