Microsoft Intune and Azure (MPN17587)


Today I took the¬†Microsoft Intune and Azure (MPN17587) course on the Microsoft Partner Network. As someone who has been working with Intune for a while now it was a good way to brush up on the fundamentals. The second section, “Microsoft Intune Core Skills,” was actually deprecated, but the same concepts can be found in the Microsoft Knowledgebase:¬† What does the class cover, in more detail?

  • What Intune is
  • How does Intune fit into the Microsoft product line
  • What Azure Portal is
  • How Intune works from a high level
  • How to deploy Intune at a high level
  • How to manage apps in Intune at a high level
  • How to mange devices in Intune at a high level

I would say that it takes about 3-5 hours to completely go over all the information in this class. It is worth it if you are implementing Intune in your enterprise environment.

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