Upgrading Android Mobile without Wifi

There are two standard options for upgrading iOS: over Wifi or while connected to iTunes. Over wifi is more convenient, but harder to do when you are connected to a secure network that blocks software downloads. So having a manual hardwired connection is great for upgrading mobile devices. While trying to upgrade my test Android Samsung Galaxy S7 device however, I noticed that it was extremely difficult to find an official way to upgrade Android over a wired connection. I researched for quite a while before giving up. Both Samsung and Google do not have this information in their public knowledgebases, and search results were giving me too many unofficial sources that are sketchy at best. So I opened up a support ticket with Samsung.

One great thing about Samsung support is that they responded within one day (incredible!). They also provided me with steps on how to upgrade Android through a hardwired connection, which is great! However, the link they provided me to download their upgrade software did not work. I had to search for it and download it from a third party site, which is always a risky thing to do. I actually found a scam website, completely built just to trick people! STAY AWAY from http://samsungsmartswitch.org, it is not an official site, and I’m sure that their software will infect your machine!

The software is called Samsung Smart Switch and I was able to use it to upgrade my Android Samsung device. Full text of the ticket and steps are below.

Thank you for contacting Samsung US Technical Support.

We understand that you are looking for possible options to update your Galaxy S7 to Nougat without the use of Wi-Fi network. We will help you with the available options.

We would like to inform you that Samsung always recommends to install software updates on our phones by using active Wi-Fi connection so that there might not be any interruption when installing update. Also, carrier might charge additionally, the users for using mobile data.

If still do not wish to use Wi-Fi connection for updating your phone, you may try below options.

Please try to install the Smart switch application on your PC and connect your phone using USB cable. Please access the link below to know more about the Smart Switch.


To download the Smart switch on your Computer, please follow the below link.
Link: https://d2ogrndh9skxtm.cloudfront.net/32/SmartSwitchPC_4.1.17023_6.exe

To download the Smart switch on your MAC, please follow the below link.
Link: http://www.samsung.com/us/assets/SmartSwitch_for_Mac.dmg

Once you install the software on your PC, please follow the below instructions to update the phone.
Note: This option will work if the available update is compatible through Smart switch.

1. Connect the phone to PC and open the Smart switch.
2. The phone will be recognized by the PC and the options “Back up; Restore and Outlook Sync” will be displayed on the Smart switch screen.
3. If the update is compatible then a notification to update the phone will be displayed right on the Smart switch screen.
4. Select the update option to update the phone.

You may also contact nearest Samsung Experience shop located in a Best Buy store in US, they have a smart tool which will help you to update the phone.
Please follow the below link to find the nearest Best Buy store to your location.

Link: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/store-locator/15331

If you wish to chat, email or call us for further assistance, please go to the “Contact Us” option available on the right hand side of the E-mail.

Thank you for choosing Samsung products.

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